A Thank You For Years of Service

Marine City Museum has experienced a dynamic operating experience since inception. This is tied to many factors, but one of them is that we have a unique relationship with a leading company for dumpster rental in Brooklyn, NY. There is no way you can fully talk about our organization without talking about the role of this dumpster rental organization. There was a season where we consistently enjoyed a great influx of visitors, but this company was at hand to take care of the waste. We truly appreciate their professionalism, commitment and desire to keep delivering top notch service. Beyond the fact that they have enjoyed notable mentions in our newsletter over the years, they deserve continuous accolades for their dexterity.

The owner of this company is a Long Island native named Corey Jeffries. He has one of the most remarkable success stories in the dumpster rental niche. In the early days of his business, he had to rent trucks and partner with other companies to be able to service his clients. This business came from nothing to become a successful dumpster organization which has grown to be a nationwide conglomerate. According to him, there were seasons when he wanted to give up, but he decided to keep pressing till he hits success. His focus paid off as many people have taken cover under his unique entrepreneurial abilities.

The first time he held a meeting with Marine City Museum, he said that he would be one of the most important partners that will work for the success of the organization. This commitment was taken at face value but the years have proven that it was not mere talk. In the days when the company did not have many dumpster trucks, they never failed in coming to dispose of the waste. They consistently surpassed the expectations of the Museum, and this earned them multiple notable mentions when the Museum reviewed their activities for the year. It was after the fifth year of their working with the Museum that it was decided that the relationship will continue for as long as both organizations exist.

dumpsterA look at the activities of this group has shown that they are touching lives beyond the core operations of their business. They recently donated a large sum to a charity that takes care of children. This decision was made as a way of showing people that they have a human face and are committed to the good of everyone in the society. The Dumpster rental guys remain a brand that has earned positive reviews based on the excellent service that they offer. No one can fault their impeccable record because they are setting the pace in every range.

Marine City Museum wishes to adequately thank this iconic organization for the fantastic service that they have given over the years. We believe that the future holds great promise. It is on record that no organization has been able to surpass our expectations like this dumpster business consistently. We know that this is just the beginning of great things; this team will keep reaching new heights based on the support and partnership of this dumpster organization.

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